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Pax Republica is set in the Star Wars Universe roughly 300 years before the events of Star Wars Episode IV. The Republic and the Jedi are both at the height of their power, as new systems and regions are discovered in the Outer Rim. Slavery is illegal, and though indentured servitude is allowed, it is restricted to prevent the exploitation of workers. Spice is legal, but only for medicinal uses.

The Republic is expanding, and is actively seeking to forge alliances with planets in the Outer Rim, as well as scout out hyperlanes to new worlds and systems. The Jedi work diligently to maintain peace, establish Temple outposts, and keep crime on the ever expanding galactic frontier to a minimum.

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We consider Pax Republica a 'canon' game, and primarily use thematic information derived from the Star Wars films, television shows which are established as official canon (Rebels, The Mandalorian), and other sources such as comic books and novels which are similarly established as official canon. Sources formerly included as part of the Extended Universe (now Legends) are not considered part of our canon, though we may borrow thematic elements from them as appropriate, where official canon information may be lacking.

If you have questions about whether or not certain sources or information is considered part of our game canon, please submit a +request to staff and we will review it.

For more information about the definition of canon, see Wookieepedia.


The Republic maintains firm control over much of the Galaxy through political, diplomatic, and economic means. The wealth disparity and cultural differences between the Core Worlds and the Outer Rim couldn't be more apparent, and a distinct dichotomy between those who are from the Republic and everyone else, has developed. With the Colonies and Core Worlds overpopulated, many poor citizens moved to the dangerous Outer Rim Territories. Consequently, many of those from the Outer Rim find the Republic strange and foreign at best, and repulsive and oppressive at worst.

And yet, the High Republic is an era in which the Republic and ambitious hyperspace prospectors like the Graf Family, press into the galactic frontier. Prospecting new worlds is a nascent trade, as the promise of new systems brings the possibility of economic wealth and influence, and in some rare cases -- treasure.

Further from the Core, bordering the Colonies and reaching into the known worlds of the Outer Rim is Hutt Space. The Hutts have ruled this region for centuries, even before the formation of the Republic, and the two groups maintain an uneasy truce of convenience. The Hutt Clans are first and foremost a mercantile power, with economic interests taking precedence over all others. Each major Hutt lord maintains a standing force of mercenaries, indentured soldiers and slaves, with enough military force between the Clans to easily rival any force the Republic may muster, save for the Jedi themselves. While the Hutts are eager to do business with anyone who has something to offer them, many of their preferred paths to profit fly directly in the face of Republic laws; smuggling, slavery, weapons, and illicit substances are among their more profitable industries.

The reputation of the Jedi Order varies the further one gets from the Core Worlds. Within the Republic, Jedi are respected, celebrated, and afforded a great deal of cooperation, even reverence. Out on the Rim, on a world like Tatooine, the Jedi may be considered little more than bogeymen, stories parents tell their children to get them to eat their vegetables and go to bed on time.

Although the Order is the largest Force adjunct group, it does not cast a shadow over the other religious sects that have formed around the belief in the Force. On Jedha's Holy City, multiple Force cults and sects practiced their religion peacefully alongside one another. Among the known sects during this period were the Sorcerers of Tund, the Guardians of the Whills, and the Brothers of the Ninth Door. During the High Republic Era, the Jedi were more accepting of other religious Force sects, and while they did not adopt their teachings, they acknowledged that the Force had been interpreted in diverse ways by different groups of people.


Efficient interplanetary communication is essential for maintaining connectivity between different planets and civilizations across the vast expanse of space. While EX droids are an effective option for long-distance communication, they are primarily utilized in remote areas such as the Outer Rim. Holovid calls made to the Outer Rim require state-of-the-art technology and a communication buoy to be in close proximity to ensure that the calls are not patchy, and are subjected to limited duration. In some situations, sending recorded audio or video messages can be a more reliable option for communication over long distances.

Hyperspace Travel

Hyperspace travel is a crucial aspect of space exploration, but it can be a time-consuming process, especially if there are no charted or reliable hyperspace lanes available to reach a particular planet. In uncharted areas, ships must travel jump by jump, which can take weeks. However, areas in the Outer Rim that have known hyperlanes, such as Hetzal, E'ronoh and Eiram, and the Dalnan Sector, can be reached within hours from Coruscant. The availability of charted hyperlanes in the Outer Rim has greatly facilitated interplanetary travel and made it possible to reach faraway systems quickly and easily. As a result, it is now easier to establish communication and trade links with civilizations in these areas, thereby expanding the frontiers of space exploration.


The criminal underworld on Pax Republica is comprised of a few key groups which operate both in concert and in competition with one another.

Hutt Clans

The first and largest group is the Hutt Clans. The Hutts have been involved in shady dealings since the moment they came into contact with the Republic, and are involved in the slave trade, illicit substances, and illegal weapons, among others. The Hutts control a large area of space bordering the Republic, within which the Republic has no jurisdiction; however, their business endeavours cross those boundaries frequently, and the Hutts are known criminals in many areas throughout the Republic. Because of their status as essentially an independent sovereign entity however, a large-scale crackdown on Hutt activity in Republic space would be diplomatically treacherous.

The Nihil

The Nihil is a small nebulous group of space marauders based out of an area of space hidden from the rest of the galaxy called No-Space in the Outer Rim near Belvaris. Viewing themselves as a counter to the Republic's growing Galactic expansion into the Outer Rim, they rob and raid without compunction, leaving death and destruction in their wake. The Ro Family have assimilated themselves into the pirate group, intending to take the group over to become a formidable force in the Outer Rim.

Through the Ro Family, the Nihil have come into the possession of PATH engines, a technology taken from the hyperspace savant Mari San Tekka, a captive of the family since her childhood. Path engines outstrip current hyperspace ship capabilities, allowing them to travel unexpected vectors or paths in hyperspace to make surprise raids on unsuspecting ships. Utilizing this technology, they are able to hit an objective without warning and seemingly disappear using routes other ships could not follow. Spacers whisper of demons in the dark.

The San Tekkas

The San Tekka clan, also known as the San Tekka empire or the San Tekka family, was a clan that was active during the High Republic Era. The family rose from humble roots as a family of hardscrabble hyperspace prospectors. By the time of the Supreme Chancellorship of Lina Soh it had become a dynasty at the forefront of technology that allowed for the expansion of the Galactic Republic. However, the clan kept secret the cost of their rise to prominence; the Force-sensitive Mari San Tekka had been able to detect Paths through hyperspace.

The Graf Family

The Graf family, also known as the Graf clan, or as the Grafs, was a family of humans who lived in the galaxy. During the Hyperspace Rush, they competed with the San Tekka clan to gain influence and power, becoming one of the Galactic Republic's wealthiest families into the High Republic Era.

Eiram and E'ronoh War

The conflict fought between the two adjacent planets Eiram and E'ronoh, involved several wars between the two planets. It was also referred to as the Forever War. The latest incarnation of the war was fought between 387 BBY and 382 BBY. After that, the peoples of Eiram and E'ronoh did not escalate the conflict into war, but the two planets currently remain in a cold war with one another.

More Information

There are five major factions available. For more theme information about each faction, please visit individual faction pages:


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