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Content Rating

As Star Wars is a mostly family-friendly and definitely teen-friendly theme, Pax Republica is not an adult themed game. However, it is a PG-13 (MPAA/Motion Picture Association of America) rated game, which means it may contain stronger language, extended violence or sexual situations and drug use. Therefore, all players must be at least 16 years of age. Any underage players will immediately be removed by staff. Additionally, all characters must be at least age 16 or equivalent level of maturity.

Explicit sexual activity of any kind will be dealt with harshly. We don't want to see a log of it on the wiki, on the SceneSys site, or even talk of it on the game or on our Discord server. We will not tolerate any such activities in any public grid room. If you are caught TSing, you will be banned.

Please also refrain from NSFW content in any and all public channels associated with this community, including but not limited to: character profiles, descriptions, board messages, objects, wiki, etc. Basically, if anyone off the street could easily view the content, it should not contain anything NSFW. NSFW in this context means any sensitive content that is clearly beyond a PG-13 rated level.

Security & Disciplinary Action


The staff of this game reserve the right to log commands executed. This is for the purpose of dealing with players who abuse the code for sinister purposes. Therefore if you wouldn't want what you're doing on the game to be seen by others, it's probably a good idea not to do it here. Additionally, please be aware that if you log onto the game either as a guest or a player, admin will see your IP address unless you are using a VPN service. Also be aware that we will see your IP address on the wiki as well, even if you are not logged into the site.

Providing RL contact or other private information to other players without permission of the owning player may result in disciplinary action taken by staff.

Sexual Content

Any sexual content considered beyond a "PG-13" rating by the MPAA will not be tolerated anywhere on the game or on any of our officially affiliated channels. Any player(s) caught in violation of this will be dismissed from the game.

Posting pornographic links or links containing content that goes beyond MPAA's "PG-13" rating is also not allowed and is grounds for disciplinary action.

False Evidence

Doctored logs presented to staff in an attempt to falsely accuse others of policy breaches are grounds for disciplinary measures at the discretion of staff.

Cheating/Code Exploits

Any code exploit created and/or used for the following purposes will be considered policy violations and will warrant disciplinary action against the offending player:

  1. gaining sensitive information
  2. cheating combat systems
  3. modifying, destroying, or otherwise vandalizing objects that do not belong to the player
  4. harassment
  5. any other abusive action to the detriment of the game and/or other players


The playerbase will be notified of any disciplinary measure involving an access restriction to the game, in order to avoid confusion or unpleasant rumors forming regarding the reason for the ban.

However, be assured that no sensitive information will be divulged to the public.


If another player or staff member requests you to do any of the following, do as asked immediately:

  1. stop paging them
  2. drop a particular topic of conversation
  3. move to a different channel
  4. if the individual has in any way clearly communicated that your actions are causing them to become uncomfortable or upset, and they have asked you to stop

Illegal Activity

The passage of illegal information through the game or any of its associated channels is prohibited. This includes sharing information about websites that illegally distribute copyrighted material (e.g. comics, movies, TV series, or music) or encouraging their use. Before sharing about a site that distributes such material, please ensure that it does so in a fully legal fashion. If the content is free to view or download when it likely should be paid, this is a good indicator that it is not a legal or legitimate distributor. Furthermore, as we are a US-based community, all members are expected to adhere to US law regarding intellectual property and digital rights.

Players are warned that a SUSPECT flag may be placed on a player if staff has reason to believe the individual in question is engaged in such activity. Repeated offenses may result in disciplinary actions such as temporary or permanent dismissal from our Discord server/wiki, temporary or permanent character confiscation, or temporary or permanent dismissal from the game. Player discipline will be determined by staff based upon the nature and severity of the violation.

Identity Falsification

Lying about your own identity, or hacking someone's password to gain access to their account and characters, warrants disciplinary action. That however does not mean that any player is obligated to give staff or other players their real name. Nicknames and online handles are perfectly acceptable; this simply means that players should not be charading as something or someone they are not.

A minor lying about his or her age and pretending to be an adult is considered identity falsification.


In the majority of disputes, players are expected to attempt to resolve issues with others among themselves first before seeking staff's help. Therefore, if you complain to staff about another player(s), we will ask you if you have at least attempted to address the problem with the person(s) in question directly, and if you have not, we will request that you do so before we step in.

If for any reason you cannot work out the issue yourselves, you may ask for staff to mediate; but understand that if staff becomes involved, we expect you to accept our decision on the matter. If you feel you are being treated unreasonably or unjustly by a staff member, you may appeal to a different staff member.


Please use communication channels both on the game and on our Discord server for their proper purposes only. Information on what the channels are for can be found in their descriptions. Except when expressly noted, channels are OOC and rated PG-13. If a staff member asks you to take a conversation to another channel, please do so. If you are not a staff member, do not police the channels, but please come to staff with your concerns and we will take care of the situation. Understand that personally not enjoying a topic of discussion is not a reason to take it off a channel.

NO CHANNELS WHATSOEVER may be used for harassment, solicitation of money or sex, illegal activities, acquisition of drugs, threats of real life violence, legal advice, medical advice, or therapy.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in disciplinary action, including dismissal from the game should the offense be severe enough.


We highly recommend that all players and prospective players join our Discord channel, as that is where we post all updates, and it is the primary channel for arranging scenes and plots. While it is not required, please note that if you don't join, you may miss out on scenes or communications. Players and staff are expected to adhere to all of our polices, as well as Discord's, while using the server. Failure to do so will result in loss of Discord privileges and potentially removal from the game.

Our Discord server is meant for active staff, players, and prospective players. We do not want "lurkers." If it has been over 2 months and we have received no notice from a prospective player that they are either planning to apply or are already in the process of applying, we reserve the right to remove them.

Exclusive Content Usage Rights

Any content created by players and published on this game or its affiliated channels will be considered available to the staff of PAX REPUBLICA: A STAR WARS MUSH and/or others under Creative Commons License CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. This includes art, descriptions, objects, code, and any other written composition or other player-generated content created specifically for the purposes of this particular game. This does not include assets and/or intellectual properties that already belong to other entities, such as characters and imagery created by Lucasfilm or Disney, only content unique to a player.

In other words, this means that any art or other IP you create as a player (e.g. character descriptions, pose content, or character art) for the purpose of this game is assumed to be available for us to use as we please. However, if you don't want us to do that, you will need to use watermarks or otherwise make it clear that your art is not to be treated as Creative Commons.



In general, all staff and players are expected to be polite, courteous, and considerate toward everyone in the community. During active play, always be mindful of others' best interests above your own. Be intentional about giving others' characters a chance to shine instead of always focusing on getting that for your own character. However, don't be too shy, either. If someone has given you the spotlight and is waiting for your character to show off his skills, take it. Trust us, more people will naturally want to play with you if you conduct yourself in this way, and you will be far less likely to inadvertently offend or step on someone else's toes. If you see evidence in someone's behavior either ICly or OOCly that they aren't satisfied or comfortable with the situation, ask if everything is okay before proceeding. On the flip side of that, if you aren't happy or become uncomfortable with an IC situation or the direction it's taking, speak up immediately. Don't expect others to read your mind. It's your responsibility to communicate if you take issue with something in a scene.

The more powerful, influential, and/or wealthy your character is, the more the community will expect from you as a player when it comes to contributing to the game--from adhering to all policies to always putting others' interests above your own. Players with characters of high rank and power should be the ones going above and beyond the most often. While this doesn't mean we expect players with powerful characters to constantly be running TPs or scenes for others, we do expect that they are proactive members of the community who make every effort to exceed what's expected of them whenever they can.

We also expect at least a middle school level of spelling and grammar skills, not because we are grammar nazis but because this is a text-based game and all we have are words; thus if your grammar is consistently so poor that what your writing is difficult or impossible to comprehend, you will likely find it very difficult to get others to play with you.

While these are recommendations we hope players will do their best to adhere to, no one will be punished because they aren't following them to the letter. That being said, below are some specific behaviors that will absolutely not be tolerated.


Theme Violation

Content that is not appropriate to the setting according to our Theme. Warnings will be issued first; however, if the unthemely content continues, disciplinary action may be taken against the offending player.


This refers to players who play in a way that forces the actions and reactions of others in any IC communication. Poses should give others a way to choose how their character reacts or responds. Additionally, power-gaming is a policy violation due to consent rules. Please see the section regarding consent for more information.

However, if all parties involved have already OOCly agreed to the results of the RP or the content of a pose, this is not considered power-gaming, since consent has already been given. By using dice rolls or combat systems, players automatically consent to the outcome of the system.

Conversely, simply because you haven't clearly posed someone else's character for them doesn't mean it's not powergaming. Any situation wherein you have forced someone else's character into a circumstance that gives them little to no chance of winning in any way is powergaming. For example, entering a physical fight that has already been underway for several turns, so that the opposing team is already exhausted/injured while you are fresh, giving your side an unfair advantage. This is not to say that any such situation is illegal, if all parties involved have consented to the scene beforehand or formerly agreed upon the results, it is absolutely okay. So with regard to the example given, if you have obtained OOC permission from everyone already in the scene, it would be perfectly fine for you to enter the battle.

This applies in a similar way to an environment or NPC controlled by a GM. Anyone GMing a scene has graciously taken the time and effort to come up with a scene plan that is themely and will be fun for everyone involved—please respect that by refraining from power-gaming NPCs, inserting objects or events not created by your character, or otherwise controlling the environment established by the GM without first obtaining OOC permission from the GM. The GM is generally defined as whoever has posed first or set the scene at the beginning. If you are planning something that requires you to power-game an environment or NPC you are not GMing, then PLEASE ASK. It cannot be overstated that it never hurts to ask. Asking can prevent retcons, and retcons are not pleasant. So when in doubt, ask questions.

If the GM has suddenly disconnected and has not returned for more than 30min or has been idle for 30min or more, those who remain may decide an outcome amongst themselves if leaving the scene hanging is not possible or appropriate. If a staff member is present, he/she has a higher level of responsibility and therefore authority in deciding how to proceed in that situation.

Multiple instances of twinking or power-gaming the environment, NPCs, and/or other players’ characters without heed to warnings or requests for the behavior to cease will lead to disciplinary measures taken by staff.


No one is invincible, and no character should be either. A character that is perfectly and completely invulnerable to anything and everything is an extremely boring character with no opportunities for development or improvement. Additionally, no one likes to play with a character that is untouchable, particularly in combat situations---just like no one would want to fight a boss in a video game that cannot at all be harmed by the player in any way.


Don't break the fourth wall. OOC information is not necessarily IC information. Use only what your character would ICly be aware of in your IC communications.

Additionally, keep a distance between you and your character. Realize that others' IC actions toward your character are not directed at you personally, and conversely, do not take IC action toward someone else's character purely for the sake of targeting them OOCly. In other words, don't try to make an OOC statement using IC action, hoping or assuming that they'll "take the hint". If you have an issue with someone else, please speak with them OOCly.


Do not use alternate characters as a means of gaining advantages your character would not otherwise have access to. Alt-interaction is not completely banned, however avoid using it in any way that hampers actual RP with others. See the Characters & Alternates page for more details.

Unexpected Traps

Do not spring anything on anyone. If you see that someone's character is starting to enter a situation that is not easily escaped and may result in permanent negative consequences, please warn them OOCly before proceeding. Additionally, if someone has requested to play out a particular scenario with you that you predict could be difficult for them to get out of without drastic repercussions, be sure that you make them fully aware of that fact beforehand.

Force Users


As this is a Star Wars theme, characters who are more attuned to the Force are going to have some edge over those who are not. As such, we hold players of such characters to a higher standard of "sportsmanship". While non-Jedi Force users are not a banned concept, they are restricted, meaning that they will most likely not be approved for new players and in general would be approached with a higher level of scrutiny during character creation.


Jedi are expected to adhere strictly to the Order's rules. They are not allowed to own too many material possessions, or enter committed romance, for example. Their views should also in general align with the Order's core tenets, and any character leaving the Order would be subjected to heavy scrutiny. Additionally, since the Order does not usually begin training anyone beyond the age of 6 human years, Jedi characters must have been raised by the Order as well.

Furthermore, as Jedi are considered the "superheroes" of the age, they are expected to be the most responsible and respectful people, both ICly and OOCly. The more powerful the Jedi, the more we will expect its player to fulfill those expectations. Any player failing in that respect risks having the offending character and the right to a Force sensitive character revoked.


Pax Republica is a consent-based game, and players are required to respect the consent of other players.

What is consent? Consent means that a player has the right to refuse certain actions and activities based on their wishes and comfort level in the context of a given situation. No player is required to play out scenes which they are not comfortable with, or simply do not wish to play. Consent also means that players must be able to make informed decisions about their character's actions and consequences, though it does not mean that they are able to outright refuse the consequences of their actions.

For example, if a wanted criminal PC approaches a Republic officer, the GM will inform the player that this may result in their character either coming to harm, being taken prisoner, or possibly even death. The player can then make an informed decision about whether or not to follow through with that action. If they choose to do so, they accept the consequences of that action, and cannot avoid being shot at, taken prisoner, or even killed depending on how the scene unfolds, though they may choose not to play out the specifics of those consequences on-screen. Nevertheless, the character will still suffer whatever consequences the GM or staff decides are appropriate. Consent cannot be used to save your character from the consequences of situations you knowingly and willfully entered into.

If a scene is not being actively GM'd by a staff member or a staff-designated GM, it is up to the players to determine when consent is needed, and what consequences are appropriate for a given action. Staff will not enforce consequences for non-GM'd scenes, however be aware that consistently flouting the spirit of ICA = ICC (in-character actions equal in-character consequences) will likely result in other players not including you in scenes.

The takeaway here is that no one can coerce you, the player, through rolls or otherwise, to force your character to behave in any way that is either against your OOC consent, or against your character's IC nature. See Combat & IC Conflict Resolution for details on how consent may apply to combat and other IC conflict resolution.