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Your character's skills determine how good you are at a given task, based on your level of both natural talent and training or practice. Skills are divided into their respective attributes, which determine their base level. In general, attributes represent natural talent or aptitude, while skills represent trained ability.


A skill's class is the attribute that fuels it. There are six attributes in our system: Awareness, Coordination, Knowledge, Physique, Presence, and Reflex. Click the categories below to see which skills fall into each class.


A character may be advanced enough in a given skill to begin specializing in a particular application, or a skill may cover a lot of ground that varies quite a bit in difficulty level and/or methodology. Some skills, especially those that encompass many different techniques depending on the application, may require at least one specialization. Visit each skill page for details on specializations.


Many skills are modified by distance and/or relationship to the target. See below for distance and relationship definitions. Note that these definitions are meant as a general guide and are not specific, as in many situations, these things will be left up to the GM to resolve.


Intimate: Close friends or family, romantic relationships.

Friendly: Good friends, generally good opinion of each other

Neutral: Acquaintances, no favorable or unfavorable bias

Poor: Dislike each other, general distaste or skepticism

Hated: Hostile relationship, enemies


Contact Range: Close enough to reach out and touch

Short Range: Several paces away

Long Range: Anything farther than Short Range


Some skills may be used without training, in which case the player rolls D20 + the associated Attribute modifier+skill level. Others may not be used without training, such as all Force skills and some of the more complex non-Force skills such as Starship Engineering or Lightsaber combat. Check out the table below to see if a skill requires training to use or not.

Awareness Usable untrained? Knowledge Usable untrained?
Disguise Y Academics Y
Search Y Alien Cultures Y
Forge Y Armorsmithing N
Sneak Y Astrogation N
Hide Y Demolitions N
Track Y Droid Engineering N
Investigate Y
Coordination Usable untrained? Language Y
Drive Y Medicine (general rolls only, specializations require training) Y
Pilot Y Program Computer N
Throw Y Security Y
Gunnery Y Starship Engineering N
Shoot Y Streetwise Y
Steal Y Tactics Y
Pick Lock N Tech Operation Y
Value Y
Vehicle Engineering N
Weaponsmithing N
Physique Usable untrained? Presence Usable untrained? Reflexes Usable untrained?
Grip Y Bargain Y Acrobatics Y
Run Y Con Y Brawl Y
Stamina Y Handle Animal Y Climb Y
Strength Y Lead Y Contort Y
Swim Y Perform Y Dodge Y
Toughness Y Persuade Y Jump Y
Willpower Y Leap Y
Melee (Except for Lightsaber Specialization) Y
Ride Y