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  1. Guests are not allowed to post to the boards themselves; however, if a guest wishes to do an ad exchange, he/she may consult a staff member. Staff will review the ad, then post it as requested if deemed appropriate. We reserve the right to remove the guest's ad from our Advertisements board if we are unable to confirm that the guest has fulfilled his/her end of the agreement by posting our ad on the advertised game's boards.
  2. Ad exchange is not necessarily required of players who wish to post to the Advertisements board, however, please allow a staff member to review your ad before you post it. We may ask you to post our ad on your game.
  3. Staff reserves the right to remove any ad we deem inappropriate.

See below for a pre-formatted ad that can be posted to other games. Please remove tagwrap() funtions if the game doesn't support Pueblo.

%r[center([ansi(hw,-=)] [ansi(+xterm228,PAX REPUBLICA: A Star Wars MUSH)] [ansi(hw,=-)],75)]%r%r%t[ansi(hw,PAX REPUBLICA)] is set in the High Republic era of Star Wars, roughly 300 years before the events of Star Wars Episode IV. The Republic and the Jedi are both at the height of their power, as new systems and regions are discovered in the Outer Rim.%r%r%tThe Republic is expanding, and is actively seeking to forge alliances with planets in the Outer Rim, as well as scout out hyperlanes to new worlds and systems. The Jedi work diligently to maintain peace, establish Temple outposts, and keep crime caused by marauders like the Nihil on the ever expanding galactic frontier to a minimum.%r%r%tAnd yet, a dark power lurks. It was first unleashed on Jedha, and then on Dalna. Little is known about this monstrous being that so easily terrorizes any Force Sensitive. Not only this, but the Jedi Council has decided to keep what little is known about it a secret.%r%r%tWill you join the Republic in expanding its influence, or will you seek to undermine and tear it down? Or, perhaps you will be an outsider who is somewhere in between...%r%r%tJoin us at [ansi(+xterm228,] port [ansi(+xterm228,9999)].%r%r%t[ansi(+xterm111,Discord)]: [tagwrap(a,]%r%t[ansi(+xterm45,Wiki)]: [tagwrap(a,]%r