Banned & Restricted Concepts

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The following concepts are banned, and are not acceptable as player characters on Pax Republica.

  • Concepts involving time travel, time-skipping, or time-dilation. We are set in our current setting for a reason, and if you do not wish to play a character that exists naturally in this timeframe, then perhaps our game is not for you.
  • Non-canon races. If it didn't appear in a canon source, it doesn't exist on our game.
  • Droid PCs are also not currently playable. Pick an organic race please.
  • Sith of any kind
  • Canon characters (Bail Organa, Luke Skywalker, Obi-wan Kenobi, Yoda, Vader, Han Solo, etcetera)
  • Characters who are currently enslaved are not playable. Slavery is acceptable as a background element, but not in active play.
  • Characters below age 16 or equivalent maturity level (see Section 1 of General Policy for details)

If you are concerned about whether or not your concept is appropriate, please submit a +request to staff and we will review the case.


Restricted concepts may be approved under the following conditions:

  • The concept must be pre-approved by staff via +request
  • The concept must be interesting, playable, and not overdone
  • The concept must fall within the lines of established canon information with regard to race, culture, etcetera. If you're wanting to play a Gand Findsman for example, don't come with a concept that completely disregards Gand cultural norms; this doesn't mean you have to adhere to them, but it does mean you have to understand them and the consequences for breaking them.

It should be noted that Restricted concepts are not recommended as a first character and are not likely to be given to new players.

The following concepts are restricted:

  • Senators
  • Leaders with very high rank (entire planets, armies, large civilizations)
  • Gand Findsmen
  • Trained Non-Jedi Force Users
  • Crimelords
  • Dark-Side Force Users
  • Jedi Wayseekers (see the Jedi Order page for more information)
  • Nihil

Mandalorians (please read Mandalorian faction notes) are not as restricted as the others, however each player will be allowed 1 actively played Mandalorian character at a time.