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Please excuse the mess! This page may be incomplete.

Character upgrades are intended to be an incentive for players to go above and beyond what is expected of them. The more a player contributes to the game by taking initiative, generating RP for others, and/or running TPs, the more likely staff is to approve higher level upgrades or to allow a character to max out their skills or Attribute scores.


Players are permitted to upgrade their characters using Experience Points or XP that may be awarded by other players based on the following criteria:

  1. Both the voter and the target are registered to the specified sceneID
  2. The targeted player has sent at least 3 poses to the specified sceneID.
  3. The voter has not already voted for the targeted player in association with the specified sceneID.
  4. The voter has not already voted for the targeted player in association with any sceneID at all within the past 24 hours.
  5. Neither the voter nor the target is a guest.
  6. The specified sceneID was created within the past 14 days.
  7. The specified sceneID contains at least 8 poses total.
  8. The targeted character is not the voter, nor is it registered to the voter's account.

To see how to award votes, view +help +vote.

Experience Points (XP)

Every vote is worth 1 XP. XP can be used to purchase points according to the table below. A minimum of 2 Specialization Points may be purchased at a time. A minimum of 5 XP must be spent per upgrade request.

Point Type
Attribute Skill/Resource Specialization Trait
XP 12 5 2.5 3


Please submit upgrade requests through the Job system with +request/adv <CharacterName UpgradeName>=<content>. This will submit an upgrade request into the Advancement job bucket. Be sure to include details about the exact upgrade(s) you are requesting, along with the cost of each upgrade. Please provide the number of XP you will be spending, and the number of each point type you are purchasing for your upgrade. In the case of some significant upgrades, we may ask you to provide links to logs justifying the upgrade. Staff will review your application and respond, hopefully within 48 hours. Jobs that are waiting on player input for more 48 hours may be closed without warning. If the job is approved, staff will apply the upgrade.