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While staff is responsible for the overall direction of the game, and the over-arcing plot driving the theme forward, players are encouraged to plan and run their own stories, plots, and adventures. If you have an idea, we'll do everything we can to help you bring it to fruition, within the practical scope of the game's theme. We'll work with you to get your idea polished, if need be, or re-worked into a form that is suitable for the game.

There are a few things to consider about plots. Nothing we do here, including staff-led plots, should change the overall timeline of the Star Wars Universe. Minor details are one thing, but the major plot points in Star Wars canon are still going to occur as they do. Spoiler Alert: Luke will grow up and destroy the Death Star. Han and Leia will eventually fall in love and have a son. Yoda will die of old age on Dagobah. Nothing we do on this game, plot-wise, will change those events.

Player plots should not have consequences that make waves across the Galaxy, but be fairly localized. Attack an outpost, raid for supplies, smuggle some weapons to a backwater planet, double-cross your Hutt employer, these things are all just fine. But you're not going to assassinate Grand Moff Tarkin, or rescue Princess Leia from being taken prisoner by Darth Vader, or blow up Endor because you don't like Ewoks.

Small, one-shot scenes don't need to be approved as plots. Plots are events that span multiple scenes, and potentially have consequences beyond those involved. If you have a question about whether or not your idea needs plot approval, drop a +request and a staffer will let you know.