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Staff is here to help players as much as reasonably possible, with regard to theme, plots, and day-to-day administrative matters. Staff is responsible for managing the overall direction of the game, as well as handling any issues that may arise, from code to balance to problems between players.

Please keep in mind that staffing is a volunteer job, and generally a thankless one, which we take on because we love to help players tell their stories. We're human, and humans are bound to make mistakes. We're not going to be perfect, but we'll do the best job we can do.

To make our jobs a little easier, we ask that players respect our decisions; this doesn't mean you can't question us or make suggestions, but know that any decisions made aren't made on a whim. Everything is discussed and debated, and everything we decide is, in our view, in the best interest of the game as a whole.

We ask that players keep official communication through the +request, or @mail systems, or through our Discord server. This allows us to have a record of discussions, and include all staff members instead of going back and forth between one staff member and a player, and others getting information second-hand.

Please remember that we're players too, and while we're happy to help when you need it, it can be frustrating to not be able to play the game because we can't take a break from staff duties.

Application Review Process

The character application review process is conducted as follows:

  1. One staff member will be assigned to each application, and that person will work with the player through any changes necessary to make the character playable on this game.
  2. A second staff member will review the modified application and inform the assigned staff member and player through the job system of any further changes necessary.
  3. The assigned staff member approves the character for IC play once at least two staff members have given their approval.

Staff characters will be subject to the same process. The staff member who created the character will be treated as a player for the purposes of the review. In other words, a staff member may not review or approve his or her own character application.