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There are no enforced travel time restrictions on grid, allowing players to move from system to system very quickly; the intention is to facilitate RP by not forcing players to remain in OOC limbo for extended periods. If there's a scene in another system to need to get to, you can do so easily using the +port system at no penalty.

That being said however, Pax Republica is set in a time period where hyperspace travel is not yet at the level we see in the movies; a journey from the Core Worlds to the Outer Rim is not a short trip; it can take weeks, or even months depending how far off the beaten path your destination might be, and several stops along the way to refuel, re-align your jump trajectory, or unexpected exits to avoid collisions with realspace mass shadows not on the known astrogation charts. We expect you as players to take these IC travel times into account, and RP accordingly; if you're in the Outer Rim for one plot, you're not realistically going to be able to get to Coruscant for another plot happening roughly at the same time. Allowances can be made for back-dating scenes, but we ask that you take a reasonable approach to just how quickly your character can get from one end of the galaxy to another.