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As players, we generally like it when our characters succeed at what they set out to do. We, as staff, recognize that. But please understand that in these IC times, the Galactic Republic has been in control of most of the civilized galaxy for many, many years, and that is not slated to change any time soon. So don't expect any massive game-changing "victories" to be occurring. Most of all victories and defeats will be small-scale. Think criminals buying and selling illegally procured goods while evading the law, Republic scouts charting new hyperlanes, judicials tracking down a murderer, a dark side adept escaping the Jedi Order's notice for the time being, etc.

Please keep these things in mind when creating a character, choosing a faction, and when roleplaying. We're all here to create stories and develop characters together. We are not keeping scores of "wins" and "losses". There is nothing wrong with a bit of friendly competition during PvP-oriented situations, but do not complain about your character or your "side" losing most of the time or not winning all of the time. If winning or losing is critically important to you, you may want to choose another game.