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  • It is highly recommended that players submit a PITCH request through the Jobs system for new character ideas before starting the character generation process. This helps to ensure that staff will not reject a character on concept after a player has already spent time to create its sheet.
  • New characters that do not log in within 1 week of approval may be marked UNAPPROVED. Characters with the UNAPPROVED status will not be able to join scenes or enter IC rooms.
  • New characters that fail to get approval within 30 days or 5 rounds of review (whichever comes first) will be cancelled. If a player wishes to re-submit an application job that was canceled due to inactivity after 30 days, they may do so by opening a new job using the same command as detailed in the Character submission room.
  • Characters that have not participated in any scenes for 30 days or longer may be set UNAPPROVED. If a player wishes to return to an old character that has been set UNAPPROVED, it may be re-submitted as-is through the usual channel. Staff will work with the player to get the character re-approved in the case that a sheet adjustment is necessary to align with any system updates. Any sheet changes staff deems necessary for that reason will not require the player to spend XP or use their free Rework as determined by the Rework policy. Please note that this is for sheet maintenance reasons only. Therefore, if you feel that 30 days isn't enough time, we request that you communicate with staff about it. We will work with you and do our best to accommodate your schedule and preferences. In general, if you let us know that you are still around and demonstrate a genuine desire to continue playing a character, we will not unapprove it until you indicate otherwise or give us reason enough to believe otherwise (for example, if we haven't heard from you in months and you haven't responded to any of our attempts to ask you about your character).


  • To request a rework, submit a job to the REWORK bucket with +request/rework <Character Name>=<Description of Changes>. <Description of Changes> must contain a detailed description of all changes desired, including current stats alongside the respective changes the player wishes to make. For example: Shoot skill lowered from 2 to 1, Dodge skill raised from 1 to 2.
  • This policy only applies to changes involving Skills, Resources, or Traits that cost points to acquire. Other changes to a character may be requested through the same job bucket but will not cost XP or count against the Rework limitations.
  • Reworks may not increase or decrease a character's overall point value. For information on how to increase a character's point value, see Character Advancement.
  • Players may request a rework every 14 days per character, up to a maximum of 3. The first rework is free, and the subsequent 2 reworks will cost 25 XP.


  • All alternate characters must be registered to the same account upon character creation. Anyone caught purposely avoiding this risks removal from the game.
  • Players may have a maximum of 1 APPROVED status Force Sensitive (possessing Force skills) character and a total of 6 APPROVED status characters on their account at any given time. For a "system" definition of "Force Sensitive", see Character Creation)
  • To retire a character, notify staff by submitting a +request through the Jobs system. Staff will set the character UNAPPROVED and it will not be counted toward the per-account character limits.
  • To reactivate a retired character, submit a reactivation +request through the Jobs system.
  • New players or players with no currently approved characters may obtain approval for 2 characters at once. Otherwise, 1 character may be newly approved or reactivated once every 14 days.

Alt Interaction

  • Players should generally avoid having their alts interact; however, we understand that this might be difficult to avoid in some situations. However, using alts to give your character(s) an advantage they wouldn't otherwise have is forbidden and may result in disciplinary action such as loss of alt privileges.
  • A good rule thumb is to ask if yourself if your character would have this advantage anyway if you weren't using your alt. If the answer is yes, then it's probably okay. For example, if you want to use your alt's ship to transport your character somewhere, think about whether your character is gaining an advantage over other players that he/she would not have access to without using the alt. Is he getting there faster? Stealthier? Or would the result be the same if he'd just taken a public shuttle? Alts should not be used to gain unfair advantages over other players. If in doubt, please ask a staff member before taking action.