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The Character Generation system on Pax Republica should feel familiar to experienced MUSHers who have played on past Star Wars MUSHes, but be easy enough for new players to understand and progress through. We use a variation of the D20 roleplaying system, so if you're unfamiliar we suggest you familiarize yourself with the D20 systems before beginning Character Generation.

Basic Information

Here you will be able to choose your character's species, from the available races, and set your character's basic details like gender, height, weight, hair, eyes, and skin, as well as your in-game description.

It is also important to note that all characters must be at least 16 years of age. Any characters age younger than 16 will be rejected on concept. You can read more about this rule on our Policy page.

Force Sensitivity

Any player may create a Force Sensitive character, without it being considered one of their character bonuses. This comes with a few caveats to consider.

  • Keep in mind that all living creatures in the Star Wars universe have the Force within them. However, for the purposes of character limits/character generation (see Characters & Alternates), "Force Sensitive" is defined as a character who possesses Force skills. A character may have Force sensitivity on its sheet but may not possess any Force skills. For example, perhaps a character's connection to the Force simply allows him to be very good at a non-Force skill, such as Pilot or Astrogation.
  • A player may only have 1 Force Sensitive character in active play at once.
  • Non-Jedi Force Sensitives are allowed but are restricted, as in they will likely come under heavy scrutiny by staff.
  • Characters with Force Sensitivity are not given additional skill or attribute points to use toward Force abilities. These will have to come out of the character's regular attribute or skill point pool.
  • Miraluka who have not chosen to raise any Force skills other than the Force Sight +2 bonus given by the Force Awareness racial do not count against the limit. Keep in mind, if the Force Sight skill is raised beyond +2, the character will count against the limit.

Bonus selection

Every character may choose a start-up bonus from the following:


This bonus will allow the player to raise any of his character’s Attributes up to 5 points above the maximum for his species. However, for every point raised above the maximum, the character receives a -1 penalty to all Force skills. This penalty will apply to any Force skills the character may attempt to learn in the future as well. For example, raising an Attribute score +1 above the racial maximum using the cybernetics bonus will require the character to spend 2 Skill Points to gain +1 in a Force skill instead of 1 Skill Point.


The Skill bonus will grant the character an extra 10 Skill Points to spend on skills in addition to the standard 20.


This bonus will grant the 10 Resource Points to spend on any of the 3 types of assets that follow. Keep in mind that not selecting these bonuses doesn't mean your character doesn't have access to them at all, but rather you should select them if you plan to have them come into play on a regular basis as part of your character's main repertoire and therefore need to be able to roll them.


Players will be given 20 points to allocate to the NPC’s Attribute scores should they choose to spend Resource Points on skills/specializations for an NPC. The costs of raising the Attributes will be the same as player characters, but NPCs may not learn Force skills.


Players may spend points on a vehicle of their choice from a list of vehicles and vehicle mods. Vehicle stats are similar to Attribute scores and follow the same modifier assignment patterns as normal characters. Ship combat actions are also subject to Multiple Action Penalty rules. See Vehicles for a list of available vehicle types, classes, and mods.


These represent your character's overall talent, aptitude, and physical ability, and provide a base value for all the skill in their respective trees. All characters are given a total of 20 skill points (30 if you chose the skill bonus) attribute dice, minus the minimums for their selected race, to distribute within the bounds of your character's racial minimum and maximum values. Any Attribute score higher than 19 requires justification. Background is a good place for that, or anywhere in your application submission.


Skills represent your character's trained or learned abilities, and build on the attribute values set in the previous step. All characters are given 20 skill points to spend, and 30 if the skill point bonus is selected. These may be distributed as you like, with the following restrictions:

  • No skill may be set more than +3 over its parent Attribute modifier, or to a number >10, whichever is lower. See the Attributes page for the modifier chart (including Traits and Racial Traits).
  • You must have at least 8 skills visible on your sheet in order to progress to the next step.
  • Any skill with more than 5 points allocated requires a justification.

These restrictions are intended to prevent players from unreasonably min/maxing their character sheet, and to give everyone a more well-rounded set of abilities.


Specializations are special skills which represent a character's focus on a certain specific aspect of the parent skill, and can only be used in specific situations. For example, the "Blaster Pistol" specialization points and "Shoot" skill points will be added when the character is specifically using a blaster pistol. A single skill point is worth 2 specialization points. Specializations may not be leveled up in increments less than 2, and require at least 1 point in the parent skill.


Traits are character advantages or flaws which go beyond what skills and attributes can easily define. They allow you to choose quirks, talents, and conditions to further expand and define your character. You can choose as many or as few traits as you want, but they all have a point value; traits which provide an advantage cost points, while those which put your character at a disadvantage refund points.

Choose your traits carefully; while they provide bonuses or penalties to your character rolls, they are intended to add more dimension to your character, and your roleplay. Don't take a trait you don't intend to play. We don't want to see players taking multiple negative traits just so they can also take multiple beneficial traits and then pretend the negative ones don't exist during actual roleplay.


The number of languages you can speak in addition to your native tongue is determined by your Knowledge modifier plus any additional points you have in the Language skill. For example, if you had 12 Knowledge (+1 modifier) and +2 in the Language skill, you would be allowed 3 languages in addition to your character's racial default. Players are not required to use all allowances.

Please note that if you wish to learn a restricted language, you must have points in the Languages skill above your Knowledge attribute base value. To learn a restricted language, please submit a +request to staff. Understand that restricted languages may have additional requirements, depending on the rarity of the language. See the Languages page for a list.


Your background tells us where your character came from, and how they got to where they are now. Where they were born, how they grew up, any defining events in their life. There is no minimum or maximum length for your background, but while staff doesn't want to sift through novels, your background should be long enough to give us a clear picture of who and what your character is.

Any high-level skills should be justified in your background. While we don't require every item on your sheet to be explained, your background and your sheet should be compatible at a glance. If your sheet is combat-based, but there is no evidence of combat training in your background, staff will ask for you to revise.

Review and Submit

Take a look over your character's information, sheet, and background, and be sure that you're happy with your work before submitting your application. It may take some time to review and approve your character, so be patient. We'll let you know by @mail when you've been approved, or if there are any changes that need to be made.

All Done?

Once you're approved, feel free to add your character page to the wiki below.