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The number of languages your character speaks is based on the Knowledge attribute and Language skill (see the Character Creation page for more information). Keep in mind that if your character's racial default language is not Basic, you'll need to pick it up if you want to understand the majority of beings in the galaxy. As your Language skill increases, so does the number of languages you are allowed to learn.

Language Racial Default For Restricted
Abednedish Abedno
Aloxian Aloxian
Andoan Aqualish
Anselmian Nautolan
Arkanian Arkanian
Arcona Arcona
Bimmini Bimm
Binary Droids**
Bith Bith
Bivall Bivall
Bothan Bothan
Caamasi Caamasi
Calamari Mon Calamari
Catharese Cathar
Cerean Cerean
Chadra-fan Chadra-fan
Cosian Cosian
Devaronese Devaronian
Dorian Kel Dor
Dosh Trandoshan
Dowuta Dowutin
Duro Duros
Echani Echani
Evereni Evereni
Er'Kit Er'Kit
Firrerreo Firrerreo
Galactic Basic Humans, Near Humans
Gamorrean Gamorrean
Gand Gand
Gen'dai Gen'dai
Gigoran Gigoran
Gran Gran
Gunganese Gungan
Ikkrukki Ikkrukkian
Iktotchese Iktotchi
Kel Dor Kel Dor
Kessarine Kessarine
Kessurian Kessurian
Kotabi Kotabi
Kubazi Kubaz
Kuranu Kuranu
Lannik Lannik
Lepi Lepi
Mando'a*** Yes
Mikkian Mikkian
Mirialan Mirialan
Nautila Nautolans
Pak Pak Nemoidian
Pantoran Pantoran
Rodian Rodian
Quarrenese Quarren
Quermian Quermian
Ryl Twi'lek
Safrifan Safrifan
Savrip Savrip
Sephi Sephi
Shistavanen Shistavanen
Shyriiwook Wookiee
Soikan Soikan
Sullustese Sullustan
Sy Bisti
Sephi Sephi
Talorian Talortai
Togrutan Togruta
Umbarese Umbaran
Yarkora Yarkora
Zabraki Zabrak
Zeltron Zeltron
Zygerrian Zygerrian

If a character knows a language, it is assumed to also know the sign language form, unless the player specifies otherwise. Proficiency level is left to the player's discretion.

**Droid NPCs know Binary and their owners' native language by default. Normal character rules apply to any additional languages.

***Mando'a is mainly restricted to members of the Mandalorian faction. Characters that are not a part of this faction will require additional justification to acquire this language.