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All Force skills will be rolled with Presence modifiers. Players may have one Force Sensitive character in active play at any given time, subject to all other alternate character rules. This character may possess no more than six Force skills total. Please keep in mind that a character that has Force Sensitivity on their sheet but does not possess any Force skills does not count toward this limit.

A player's Force Sensitive character is not required to be a member of the Jedi Order, though there are conditions that come with not being a member of the Order. Trained Force Users outside of the Jedi Order are considered restricted, and must have their concept approved by staff by submitting a PITCH request prior to beginning character creation (+request/pitch <title>=<text>). See Banned & Restricted Concepts for more information.

Force Using characters and the players who play them are generally held to a higher standard of, for lack of a better word, sportsmanship. We expect Force-using players to not only respect the rules of the game and their fellow players, but to be an positive example for new players. We do not require Force Users to take the place of staff, or to run constant events or plots, or to maintain activity at a certain level, however when online, Force User players should be encouraging of RP, helpful when possible, and do their best to set an excellent example for others.